Беркут шоу.

Место проведения: рядом с с.Боконбаево
Kyrgyzstan - the land of hunters. One of the varieties of hunting is falconry, and in this case, hunting with golden eagles. This craft has been practiced for centuries, with each hunter, known as a "mergenchi," enriching and passing down a treasure trove of skills to the next generation.
Indeed, modern times introduce some changes in more accessible materials and details in the hunter's equipment, but the fundamental tradition of relying on the hunter's knowledge, the instinct of the bird, and the reflexes of animals continues to captivate, with one prevailing over the other, all while adhering to the noble rules and laws dictated by nature.
The noble bird is trained from infancy by only one hunter. Often, an experienced hunter (the head of the family), a "mergenchi," gifts a ready-to-train chick to his son. Only the novice hunter can feed, nurture, and care for the bird, and no one else should approach it until it reaches maturity. This is just one of the secrets.
At a golden eagle show, you will discover numerous nuances in training not only the bird but also yourself as a hunter, as the line between the hunter and the prey is delicate.
And then there are the whistles - birds can distinguish different tones and pitches with varying decibel levels.
The power of the talons, the strength of the beak, the force of the wings, their span, and the sharp gaze of the predatory hunter leave no chance for an observer to remain unimpressed.
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