A list of places that guides in Kyrgyzstan believe you should visit
Ala-Archa National park
Ala-Archa National park
10 Ala-Archa National park (35 km from Bishkek)
Ala-Archa National Park is not far from the capital. Beautiful gorges that you can see just 30 km from Bishkek. While traveling with tourists from different countries I always hear "Wow" it is so a beautiful place and I agree with them because you can walk around and hear sounds of water from a river, big trees around you, feel the smell of a juniper tree and do trekking there. Just imagine you can hike up there to more than 1000 m. over sea level and after reaching a destination, you are so proud of yourself.
Skazka canyon
Skazka canyon
9 Skazka canyon

Yes, it is different from Grand Canyon. However, while my traveling most of the tourists that like to take good pictures fall in love to a canyon. It is because you can see different colors on a canyon. It is something that is different from other places.
Sary-Chelek lake
Sary-Chelek lake
8 Sary - Chelek lake

Sary – Chelek is far from the capital. The best season to go there is spring because according to locals you can see more than 100 types of flowers and do trekking there around 7 lakes. And after trekking take some nuts that originally were grown there and apples as well.
Sary-Chelek lake
Barskoon Gorge
7 Barskoon Gorge

Barskoon Gorge (also Barskaun) is one of the most beautiful gorges on the southern shore of Issyk-Kul, famous for high waterfalls and dense spruce forests. The gorge is famous because it was visited by the first man who flew into space – Yuri Gagarin
 Altyn-Arashan gorge

Altyn-Arashan gorge
6 Altyn-Arashan gorge

Altyn Arashan is a valley and mountain resort near Karakol and Issyk Kul Lake, northeastern Kyrgyzstan. It lies along the trekking route from Ak-Suu village. It is a hot spring development set in an alpine valley, containing the 5020 meters Pik Palatka in its southern part. It is said to "include three groups of nitric thermals springs on the right side of the Arashan River, 20 km southeast of Karakol mountain, situated in a picturesque forest landscape at an altitude of 2350-2435 meters.
Chunkurchak gorge
Chunkurchak gorge
5 Chunkurchak gorge

Chunkurchak is located just 40 kilometers south of the capital in a beautiful place called the Chunkurchak tract.
This is a unique place that best addresses the meaning of the word “jailoo”, where the eye catches the fantastic valley, snow-capped peaks of the majestic mountains, which are visible on the horizon. Running mountain river at the foot of the mountain slopes located interspersed with alpine meadows and forest belts of juniper, pine, larch, birch, Rowan, and numerous species of shrubs.
Arslanbob forest
4 Arslanbob forest
Arslanbob is a large wild walnut forest in the Jalal-Abad Region of Kyrgyzstan. Two waterfalls are located in the area which attracts tourists, pilgrims, and other visitors during the spring and summer months.
Song-Kul lake
Song-Kul lake

3 Song-Kul lake

Song-Köl is an alpine lake in the northern Naryn Region, Kyrgyzstan. It lies at an altitude of 3016 m. The lake's maximum length is 29 km, breadth about 18 km, and the deepest point is 13.2 m. It is the second-largest lake in Kyrgyzstan after Issyk-Kul, and the largest freshwater lake in Kyrgyzstan.
Kyzyl-Asker peak
Kyzyl Asker peak and Dream lake

2 Kyzyl Asker peak and Dream lake

Kyzyl-Asker Peak is a hard-to-reach point at an altitude of 5842 m, suitable only for experienced tourists and trained climbers, located in the Central Tien Shan, Western Kokshaal-Too ridge.
Many foreign teams come here to climb, set up base camps in the area of the Komarov Glacier and go through a period of adaptation.
At the same time, there is not much information about the peak, but it is not a blank spot for mountaineering. In total, four ascents were made using different routes and three attempts were made.

A paradise for extreme sports enthusiasts to test themselves and their strengths, compete with nature and plunge headlong into a completely different life together with a group of like-minded people, even if just for a few days. After all, the power of rock-ice granite walls, snow-covered slopes, wind on the peaks that knocks you down, heavy snowfalls and at the same time the polar side of the journey - the absolute calm in the nook at the foot, as if in the bosom of the mountains, in the climbers’ camp give full awareness of the power of nature and human strength.
Enilchek base camp
Enilchek base camp

1 Enilchek base camp

The base camp “South Enilchek” is located in the northern part of the Tien Shan near the largest glacier - South Enilchek.
BC “Southern Enilchek” is located at an altitude of 4000 meters above sea level. and serves expeditions when climbing peaks and peaks.

This location is a climber’s paradise, because from here you can see 7,000-meter peaks:
- Pobeda Peak, 7439 meters above sea level;
- Khan Tengri peak, 7010 meters above sea level.
By the way, the top of the Khan Tengri peak is made of marble and from the camp you can see not only the mountain itself, but also the marble. At dawn and sunset, the marble reflects an indescribable red color in an especially colorful, impressive and spectacular way.