Yurt Construction. Kyrgyzstan

Location: near the village of Kyzyl-Tuu
Interest in the dwellings of nomads remains strong. History demonstrates its popularity and relevance even in modern times, as even some technological innovations easily fit into the nomadic lifestyle. The process of erecting a yurt holds many hidden meanings, and it is only during the assembly and installation that one understands the depth and value of seemingly modest order and sequence of movements.

How do certain objects serve? Which direction should the entrance face? In which direction should the elder of the dwelling be located? Why should a particular task or object be handled or performed only by a man or a woman? What are the consequences of breaking these customs? What rituals are performed before, during, and after? And a plethora of other questions.

But most importantly, for every question, there is a thoughtful answer. And sometimes the answer has a double meaning.

The process of setting up a yurt captivates and helps find answers to even the deepest questions. Multiple insights are practically guaranteed. If desired, one can not only learn how to set up and assemble a yurt but also acquire one for personal use. As the popularity of yurts grows, so does the variety of options. There's something for every taste, scale, size, and color.

Location: Kyzyl-Tuu village.
Duration of the event: 1-2 hours.
Show dates: Upon request.
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