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Grigoriev and Semenov gorge. Kyrgyzstan

Months to visit: May to October

Transport: From Cholpon-Ata to Semenov and grigorev gorge you can take a taxi.

Recommendations: It is recommended to take a guided tour to see the best parts of the gorge.

Grigorievskoe and Semenovskoe gorges - the coniferous kingdom with the sweet air aroma stretches on the Kungei Alatoo mountain range, just 60 km from the city of Cholpon-Ata - the resort center of Kyrgyzstan.
Gorges adjoin and pass one into another, while they have equally impressive beauties.

Mountain ranges full of centuries-old trees, meadow flowers, streams, deservedly chosen by both local residents and guests of the country.
Rough rivers flow through the gorges. There are many trekking routes to lakes, through mountains and forests to pastures and grazings, or to the meeting point of the two roaring rivers Chon Ak-Suu and Kichi Ak-Suu. Some tourists are interested in ancient burials, and someone is curious about more recent history - Brezhnev's dacha has been preserved.
And the local jailoo (pasture) is a historically significant place where the meeting of Kyrgyz elders takes place regularly.

Long-trodden auto/moto/bicycle and hiking trails lead to high mountain lakes, ponds and waterfalls. Massive Tien Shan first rise on the slopes of the entire gorge, interspersed with pines and birches.

In these locations, hospitable yurt camps of nomads are generously scattered, focused on meeting old hat and new tourists. The camps operate during the warm season. Here tourists get acquainted with history, culture, customs and traditions, cuisine, crafts, games of nomads, and, of course, horseback riding.

One day is enough to pass the entire gorge, and a horse ride speeds up the process, although it is difficult to leave the place of pristine nature without meeting the dawn in the traditions of nomadism under the measured stories of legends and tales of colorful shepherds.

The location is suitable for everyone to visit, because of the comfortable infrastructure:

  • the road is suitable for drivers and bikers, and extreme bicyclists will get a special pleasure;
  • spacious parking lot;
  • playgrounds for team games;
  • yurts in summer;
  • picnic areas;
  • popular paths to forests and groves;
  • horse riding in summer;
  • viewing natural sites.
  • mountain lake.

Grigorievskoe and Semenovskoe gorges are inspiring places, and here you can easily find a corner for meditation and unity with yourself.

Someone finds an adrenaline charge during a multi-day tour to the very heights to meet the grazing semi-wild yaks.