The best places to visit in Osh city. Tours and attractions.

Season for visiting: All year round
Popular mountain destinations near Osh city:
  1. Emerald Lake
  2. Pamir Highway
  3. Kolduk Lake
  4. Tulpar Kol
  5. Kara-Koy Gorge
  6. Murdash Jailoo

Оsh is an ancient city with a history of over 3000 years, serving as the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan. It is distinguished by the majestic Sulaiman-Too sacred mountain in its midst, a name associated with King Solomon. The mountain has been drawing pilgrims for centuries and is, by the way, under the protection of UNESCO.

Places to Visit in Osh:

1 Sulaiman-Too:

The sacred Sulaiman-Too mountain in Kyrgyzstan stands as a symbol of the historical crossroads on the Silk Road routes of Central Asia. For over 1,500 years, Sulaiman-Too has served as a landmark for travelers and attained sacred status. Its five peaks and mountain slopes are adorned with numerous historical sites, including ancient places of worship, caves with petroglyphs, and mosques reconstructed in the 16th century. With 101 registered locations featuring rock drawings depicting humans, animals, and geometric patterns, Sulaiman-Too is also a UNESCO-protected site. The mountain is a place of pilgrimage, blending pre-Islamic beliefs with Islamic religion.

2 Zadneprovsky Square and Park:

Memorials on the square commemorate the Second World War. Osh, like many former Soviet cities, has memorials with eternal flames dedicated to soldiers and civilians who perished in the war. One such memorial in Osh bears the inscription: "No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten." The Chernobyl Memorial in southern Kyrgyzstan reminds of the thousands, including 4,000 from Kyrgyzstan, sent to Ukraine as "liquidators" to deal with the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The "Tears of Mother" Memorial reflects the 2010 clashes between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks, depicting two women embracing and weeping.

3 Archangel Michael Cathedral:

This Russian Orthodox cathedral in Osh, named after Archangel Michael, dates back to the early 20th century. Founded in 1909, it has a history tied to the reconstruction and expansion of the original 1877 church, initially serving Russian soldiers and immigrants. During the Soviet era, it functioned as a House of Culture and Philharmonic. In 1992, it returned to the Orthodox community, undergoing restoration for religious purposes. The cathedral now serves as a spiritual center and plays a significant cultural role for the Russian-speaking population of Osh.

4 Alymbek Datka Park:

Located at the foot of Sulaiman-Too, Alymbek Datka Park offers a unique blend of entertainment and culinary delights. The park features a cozy atmosphere filled with music, laughter, and the aromas of diverse local and international cuisines. Fountains, games, and a three-story yurt, built in 1995 to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of the Kyrgyz epic "Manas," adorn the park. The yurt hosts an exhibition showcasing Kyrgyz heroes of the 19th century. Alymbek Datka Park is also a popular venue for wedding photoshoots, providing a glimpse into vibrant local celebrations.

Mountainous Places to Visit from Osh:

Emerald Lake:

This remarkable body of water, situated at an altitude of 3150 meters above sea level, is a natural wonder that undergoes a mesmerizing transformation throughout the day. The lake's water is exceptionally pure due to robust filtration from a vast glacial moraine. Its bluish tint adds a special charm to the water. The lake is nestled between two natural dams, each stretching for approximately 1 kilometer. Hidden behind aged glacial moraines, the lake is revealed by ascending one of these dams from the Chon-Kemin River gorge. Interestingly, even in summer, the lake can be covered with ice at night, adding an element of mystery and enchantment to the place.

Murdash Jailoo

Pamir Highway

The Pamir region is an extraordinary place that has attracted travelers and adventurers for centuries. Starting from the time of Alexander the Great in 329 BCE and continuing through the English and Russian explorers during the "Great Game" in the 19th century, to the present day. Every year, thousands of tourists embark on journeys to the Pamir Mountains to revel in their pristine beauty, impressive mountain landscapes, and the hospitality of the Alai and Pamiri people.

Many of the trips and tours originating from Osh will take you through the stunning mountain landscapes of the Alai Mountains, allowing you to pass by the majestic summit of Lenin Peak, towering at an elevation of 7,134 meters (23,410 feet). Many continue their journey deeper into the Pamir Mountains, following the famous M-41 route, also known as the Pamir Highway. In some cases, you might even find yourself near Afghan and Chinese settlements, observing borderlands. And, of course, do not miss the opportunity to traverse the picturesque Wakhan Corridor in Tajikistan, adorned with small villages and radiating incredible Pamiri hospitality.

Koolduk lake

Places to overnight in Osh city:

In the city of Osh, there are numerous guesthouses as well as 2 to 5-star hotels that can be easily booked through platforms such as

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