Kyrgyzstan flag

Flag of Kyrgyzstan
The presence of 40 rays within the sun on the flag symbolizes the unity of 40 kyrgyz tribes.

At its center lies a "tunduk," which is the roof of a traditional yurt.
On March 3, 1992, the Kyrgyz Republic officially adopted its State Flag, a significant milestone ratified by the Supreme Council of the Kyrgyz Republic. The recognition of this historical event led to the establishment of a national holiday, enshrined in Presidential Decree No. 270, titled "On the State Flag of the Kyrgyz Republic," which was issued on June 10, 2009. This holiday serves as a means to instill patriotism among the citizens of Kyrgyzstan and nurture a profound reverence for the nation's emblematic symbols.
The credit for the creation of this flag goes to a team of talented individuals: Edil Aitbekov, Bekbosun Zhaichybekov, Sabyr Iptarov, Zhusup Mataev, and Mamatbek Sydykov.

The meaning of a flag

The flag features a bold red background with a central golden sun, radiating forty golden rays. At the heart of this radiant sun is a depiction of a "tunduk," the distinctive roof of a traditional Kyrgyz yurt, illustrated in red. The flag's proportions are designed so that its width is three-fifths of its length, and the diameter of the radiant sun is precisely three-fifths of the flag's width. The size relationship between the sun and the radiant disk is three to five, while the "tunduk" has a diameter half that of the radiant disk.

This flag is rich in symbolism. The vivid red represents courage and valor, while the golden sun embodies serenity and prosperity. The "tunduk" is a symbol of the home, both as a physical structure and as a representation of the broader world. The forty rays arranged in a circle symbolize the unity of the 40 ancient tribes that form the cohesive entity of Kyrgyzstan. Furthermore, the "tunduk" within the sun symbolizes the harmony among the diverse ethnic groups residing in the country. Additionally, the red color of the flag pays tribute to Manas, the legendary Kyrgyz epic hero.

In essence, the State Flag of the Kyrgyz Republic is a powerful emblem of Kyrgyz identity, rich in symbolism that conveys both unity and diversity within the nation.

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Sary Chelek is an enchanting place that captivates even the most discerning enthusiasts of flora and fauna. The most popular route leads to Lake Sary Chelek, located near the Chatkal Range at an altitude of 1940 m.

Lake Issyk-Kul - a mountain drainless lake (1610 m above sea level), included in the list of the deepest lakes in the world (698 m), located between the Tien Shan ranges. The astronauts call it the eye of the Earth for its color and shape, and the locals call it a pearl because of its framing with snowy peaks

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