The Art of Kyrgyz Craftsmanship: Traditions of Skill and Handicraft

Location: near the village of Bokonbayevo, Kochkor village
Felt has held a special place in the culture of Kyrgyzstan since ancient times. The skills and techniques of working with warm wool are passed down with great reverence from one generation to the next. In villages, on summer pastures, and in indoor workshops, grandmothers known as "shyrdakchy" traditionally teach their granddaughters the secrets of processing, dyeing, felting, sewing, and creating unique carpets and shyrdaks (felt rugs) from sheep's wool.
Of course, felt is not only used to make carpets with meaningful patterns, as every bend, fold, and color carries significance. The list of items is impressive, including:

  • Headwear such as kalpaks (traditional hats)
  • National footwear like ichigi (felt boots) and slippers, with particularly adorable children's sizes
  • Toys and souvenirs (dolls, domestic animals, etc.)
  • Household items (covers for teapots, cauldrons, etc.)
  • Clothing accessories (scarves, traditional garments)
  • Covers for anything that needs to be wrapped or insulated, both hot and cold
  • Bedding for pets, such as dogs and cats
  • Saddle blankets for horses, camels, donkeys, etc.
  • Many other handmade products
The powerful positive energy and aura of handmade items crafted from natural materials are known to all. There is a noticeable shift from a hostile or subdued mood to a more benevolent and harmonious one after spending just a short time on a shyrdak, whether it be for sleep, meditation, or simply lounging around. The secret to the magical effect of handcrafted items lies in the love and heartfelt dedication that artisans pour into every stitch of their creations.
Attending the show not only provides you with new knowledge but also unveils the depths of nomadic wisdom. However, you may face the difficulty of wanting to take home all the items when you'll need to make a choice.

Location: Kochkor Village, Bokonbayevo Village
Duration: 1-2 hours
Show days: Upon request
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