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Mountain lakes


About Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan is a small country in Central Asia with a rich variety of landscapes, the nature of which is compared with the landscapes of Iceland, Switzerland, Canada.

Tourists return more than once in different seasons, because with each visit there are new discoveries.
Here you will see:
mountains with glaciers and 7-thousandth peaks, the slopes of which are covered with a green blanket in the warm months and with fluffy snow in the winter;
meadows and fields full of alpine flowers and relic trees - witnesses of centuries-old stories;
fascinating mysterious orange canyons;
caves with limestone stalactites;
cheese mountains with bizarre recesses;
abundance of rivers full of mountain trout;
thundering waterfalls;
lakes of amazing colors from pale blue to deep turquoise due to minerals and salts;
a dead salt lake with healing clay, where people flock on a healing pilgrimage from all over the world;
sunken settlements of one of the deepest lakes in the world - Lake Issyk-Kul;
holy places with mysterious signs and symbols;
petroglyphs of Saimaluu-Tash with a detailed description of the life of the nomad camp;
ancient cities with millennial legends;
vast protected areas;
sacred places of pilgrimage;
spacious pastures for domesticated cattle and semi-wild yaks;
gorges and valleys dotted with yurts of nomadic descendants from early spring to late autumn.

The guests of the country especially emphasize the hospitality of the Kyrgyz, which is familiar to nomads. After all, it is historically established and, moreover, carefully passed down from generation to generation, the tradition of meeting any traveler - to drink, treat home cooking and give a rest.

Tourists certainly take the opportunity to conduct gastro tours, because the national cuisine is worth a special mention. Just imagine how juicy dishes prepared from vegetables and fruits grown in their own gardens and orchards, and fragrant meat of livestock and / or wild animals (only during the hunting season!) Pastured on green slopes rich in healing herbs or rainbow trout with a crispy crust can be. Also, water! The purest, spring, mmm ... delicious.
At the same time, hot dishes are certainly prepared on a live fire - a cauldron, a barbecue, a fire. And yes, teas are so different - flower or milk from a boiling samovar. By the way, here you can taste tea with freshly milked milk according to the recipe of a nomadic tribe - with pepper, salt, a pinch of roasted flour.
And the important part - all this is served exclusively in a family-like atmosphere with a bow and greeting from the hostess of the table, holding out the bowl to you with both hands in the traditional form - the hand holding the bowl should be half-bent and supported by the other hand under the elbow - a symbol of openness, good nature and sincere hospitality.

Check out the links for more details. Here everyone will find that very thing of their own - an amazing, unforgettable journey to a completely different world with an indispensable solution and understanding of the country and the people who have preserved and honored ordinary human wisdom.

Come for the first time, eat, enjoy, so that you can easily return as soon as you get bored, as our old friends do.